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  • Distinguished Favorite Award

    Announcement: Inception Mindset Garners Prestigious Recognition at the 2024 Independent Press Award

    We are thrilled to announce that the book INCEPTION MINDSET by Dr. Robert Radi has been honored with the Distinguished Favorite award in the Leadership category and the Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business category at the 2024 Independent Press Award. This accolade is a testament to Dr. Radi’sgroundbreaking work and his profound contribution to the…

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  • Coming Soon: Inception Mindset™ Inventory

    In our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to adding value in everything we do; we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Inception Mindset™ Inventory by Integral Advantage®.

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  • Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Leadership

    Leadership in the modern world is a dynamic and complex role that requires a diverse skill set. As the challenges of the 21st century continue to evolve, effective leadership demands a keen understanding of the contemporary landscape. In this blog, we will explore the essential do’s and don’ts that can guide aspiring leaders toward success…

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  • Critical Thinking: A Guide to Better Decision-Making

    The ability to make sound decisions is a valuable skill that can greatly impact our lives. One tool that can significantly enhance this skill is critical thinking. In this blog, we will explore how critical thinking can help you make sound decisions in life and why it’s essential to think for yourself to navigate your…

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  • Curiosity

    While curiosity may ‘kill the cat,’ it is essential in innovation because innovation whispers only in the winds of the curious mind, always asking, ‘What if?’ Curiosity is vital for self-improvement, authentic engagement, and leadership growth. It is a doorway to vulnerability, which allows for genuine connections and building trust. #ComplexityIsGrowth #NewBeginnings #LeadershipDevelopment #RobertRadi #InceptionMindset 

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  • Non-Fiction Book Award

    Non Fiction Bronze Book Award

    Dr. Radi’s Inception Mindset earned the Non Fiction Bronze Book Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association.

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  • Reader Views Five Star Review Label

    Reader Views: 5 Star Acclaim

    Dr. Radi’s Inception Mindset earned the highest rating from Reader Views.

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  • Goody Business Books Award Logo - Finalist

    Goody Business Book Awards: Book Finalist for “Leadership – Think Differently”

    Dr. Radi’s work was highlighted by the Goody Business Book Awards. 

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  • Integral Advantage LOGO 2024 Square

    “Inception” Art Exhibition & Book Release Benefits Two Local Nonprofits

    Dr. Radi showcased his original experimental abstract paintings and new book with all proceeds from the evening benefiting two local nonprofit organizations.  

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