Announcement: Inception Mindset Garners Prestigious Recognition at the 2024 Independent Press Award

We are thrilled to announce that the book INCEPTION MINDSET by Dr. Robert Radi has been honored with the Distinguished Favorite award in the Leadership category and the Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business category at the 2024 Independent Press Award. This accolade is a testament to Dr. Radi’s groundbreaking work and his profound contribution to the fields of leadership and business innovation.

INCEPTION MINDSET was not conceived as just a book but rather as a transformative journey into the essence of leadership in today’s complex world. By introducing innovative and original concepts such as the CADE framework—Contextualizable, Amorphous, Dynamic, and Elastic— the Entrusted Empowerment™ framework, Contextual Leadership Branding as a path to self-authoring, and the Process of Strategic Innovation Framework, INCEPTION MINDSET creates the foundation for readers to empower themselves in navigating the multifaceted challenges of modern leadership with new cognitive lenses.
These frameworks encourage a shift beyond conventional linear thinking, offering a fresh perspective on strategic decision-making and personal & professional growth.

The Independent Press Award is renowned for celebrating the best in independent publishing, recognizing authors and books that bring new ideas, insightful perspectives, and compelling voices to the fore.

Being acknowledged as a Distinguished Favorite underscores the significant impact of Inception Mindset on its readers and the broader discourse on leadership and entrepreneurship in complex environments. The purpose of this book has always been to reach readers, not merely buyers. This book is about
reading, thinking, and acting.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Independent Press Award committee for this honor and to all our readers for their unwavering support. This recognition fuels our commitment to continue exploring and sharing innovative ideas that inspire change, leadership excellence, and continuous personal and
professional development.