Our courses are developmental and not remedial

We foster integrative and transformative learning, connecting content to context.

Integrative & Transformative Learning

Our courses are open to individuals and organizations interested in developing contextual competency and strategic capacity by attaining clarity through full-spectrum thinking. The course offerings are available in two different developmental learning series, shown at a glance below.

empowering you to lead with decisive clarity

key takeaways you can count on

Strengthened Ability to Approach Problems from a Different Perspective

Enhanced Self-Awareness of Impact on Others

Increased Insight into the Complexities of Change Leadership and Innovation


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Exclusive Assessments

Integral Advantage® is proud to offer two exclusive assessments:


Half the money organizations invest in leadership development initiatives is wasted. The trouble is, they don’t know which half. This is an actionable methodology that allows us to diagnose where the weaknesses in an organization are and allocate the proper resources more surgically.


A proprietary 360 assessment developed to assess managerial leaders’ and senior executives’ brand profile, leadership effectiveness, brand attributes, and leadership presence.

Our approach is not just about finding clarity
amidst complexity but mastering it.

    I enjoyed the practical exercises done in class. It made me think of how I handle interactions with those who work for me.

      Great discussions and exercises. I did not realize there was a difference between coaching and supervising, and will definitely use the tools provided in my work and life.

        Dr. Radi was passionate and skilled in his presentations and how he lead the attendees through the material. Robert’s love and enthusiasm for this material were infectious!

          Wanted to say how much I appreciated this class, and your time. This may just be the best management class I’ve ever had. I felt like I am coming away with things I can actually use.

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